A white wine developing out of the combination of two autochthonous grape varieties which had been abandoned for some time, recovered by us in the 1982 and reintroduced to our vineyards: Erbamat and Trebbiano Valtenesi.

This combination gives rise to an unusual wine.

It is fruity but at the same time characterised by mineral notes, with hints recalling the orange blossom and cedars which once grew along the banks of the lake.


Longer ageing in the cellar.

Wood maturation in large oak barrels.

Bottling in the third year after harvesting.

This limited edition is designed to celebrate the new route chosen for this wine, aimed at enhancing the potential of the grape varieties characterising it and further recognising the importance of time as the key factor in fully exploiting its ability to evolve over the years.

Vintage: 2020
Designation: Vino bianco
Grape varieties: Trebbiano Valtenesi,  Erbamat
Ageing: In botti di acciaio inox e rovere
Alcohol content: 12,5%Vol

Available Sizes:
750 ml – 1500 ml