Numero Uno

An exuberant extra virgin olive oil made with pitted Leccino and Casaliva olives along with a further lesser-known 8 autochthonous cultivars: Favaröl, Rossanel, Gargnà, Trepp, Mitria, Regina del Garda, Raza and Cornaröl.

These are all processed separately and then blended together in a single oil, with a decisive aroma which has the objective of representing the balance of the tangy and spicy characteristics of the vintage.

Its aromatic notes recall in particular white mulberry and artichoke heart.

Vintage: 2022
Designation: extra virgin olive oil from pitted olives
Category: average fruitiness
Type: blend
Free acidity: 0,14%
Peroxides: 2,9 meqO2/Kg
Polyphenols: 337 mg/kg

Available sizes
100 ml – 250 ml – 500 ml