A tradition, a family, a wine, on Lake Garda.
An encounter between the distinctive factors of our terroir.

A combination of our Perli white wine, left to mature in oak barrels for two years, and a blend of aromatic herbs, spices, infusions and extracts from the local area.
The rarity of the plants and their specific seasonal nature mean that this vermouth is only available in limited quantities.

For relaxing moments.
To be drunk straight after dinner, with ice and lemon zest as an aperitif, or as an ingredient in cocktails.

Denomination: Vermouth
Year of producrion: 2021
Base wine: Perlì 2018
Grape Blend: Trebbiano Valtenesi, Erbamat
Ageing: in oak barrels and stainless steel
Alcohol content: 19%Vol
Ingredients: white wine, sugar,
infusions and extracts of aromatic herbs and spices (bitter), alcohol.